Cyclops Commercial UAV Solutions

Cyclops UAV are specialists in providing Aerial Property Marketing Solutions, Aerial Inspections & Aerial Surveys in the commercial and industrial sectors using Drones (UAV’s). Operating nationally across the UK, we have permission for commercial operations from the CAA and have professional accreditation’s with the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company SGS. Safety is key to all operations so Cyclops practice industry leading dynamic risk assessments, all pilots are IOSH safety passport holders and Red Cross first aid trained. We are also members of the Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (ARPAS-UK).

Cyclops UAV while operating at the cutting edge of technology is a family run business allowing us to provide a personal touch in a complex sector. Our fundamental aims are to safely and efficiently collect data that prevents unnecessary risk, and empowers informed decision making.

Our equipment has the capacity to safely & effectively fly in close proximity to vessels, vehicles and structures in some of the most challenging locations. This enables us to gain close up access to normally inaccessible areas, with the obvious benefits of minimising time & cost in comparison with conventional inspection methods.

Using GPS stablised technology, HD/4K cameras, FLIR thermal imaging and industry specific software we can provide clients with high resolution aerial images, videos and valuable data. We can identify defects and abnormalities for instant analysis saving clients further risk and cost with the highest level of accuracy and efficiency.

Property Marketing

Gain aerial viewpoints that cannot be achieved through traditional photography techniques, targeted at both commercial and domestic properties being marketed across the UK.

Property Management

Full asset and energy management solutions for agricultural, commercial and domestic properties with detailed analysis at the heart of what we do.


High resolution aerial images, video and data for instant analysis, preventing further risk and potential cost.


Intelligent data collection enables your organisation to make quick, educated and informed decisions on construction projects while we can assist with the likes of Contour Mapping & 3D Modelling.


Our UAV’s gather critical data through sensors without the need or cost of human personnel, manned aviation or additional equipment.


FLIR thermal imaging technology is suitable for both commercial and domestic energy management.


UAV technology offers exploratory ground work without the typical cost or risk associated with using personnel. Our high resolution images can then be converted into numerous outputs such as volumetric measurements.

Technology & Software

Industry leading technology combined with Cloud sharing means an outstanding result analysed when you want, where you want and with who you want.

Health & Safety

A fundamental aspect of our approach, preventing any accidents through professionalism, planning, risk assessments and experience.

Qualified Pilots

CAA qualified, IOSH Safety Passport holders and Red Cross First Aid trained means you get professional, safe and quality pilots.

Our UAV Solutions explained in 3 simple steps...

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