As you may already know, using Drones, or “UAV’s” to market property and land is becoming increasingly more popular in the UK. But you may ask, what exactly are the costs and benefits to my business? In this post I will give you six simple reasons why Drones can transform your Property Marketing!

#1. Engage potential buyers online and offline.
Aerial photography and footage can catch a potential buyer’s attention straight away. Drones are an innovative technique for creating outstanding content for both online & offline advertising campaigns. Nothing about Drone footage is ‘expected’, ‘comparable’ or ‘predictable’, every shot is unique and this can really set a property or plot of land aside from the crowd, whatever the marketing platform. Hubspot suggest that engaging visuals online get 94% more views than those without, this is a statistic that many in the industry will fail to recognise. Ask yourself one question, what will really make this listing stand out? Quality also plays a key factor – HD or 4K is now an industry standard.

#2. Position your company as an ‘innovator’ and drive traffic/footfall.
Experts predict that approximately 80% of global internet traffic will be video by 2019. If this isn’t a big enough reason to test out the technology now, then what is? Communicate you are innovating and give your client the best tools available to sell their property as swiftly and cost effectively as possible. Advertising with engaging content will not only drive traffic to your listings, company website and social media channels but may also intrigue potential buyers to see what else you have available in person. Use this technology to leverage your business over less innovative competitors.

#3. Showcase commercial property in a completely new format. 
Drones can showcase commercial property from a vertical perspective. High resolution images can then be converted into property maps, detailed guides, surveys and visual overviews. Shots from various altitudes both outside and indoors will showcase a sites key elements, products and layout. This data can then be utilized in various formats such as apps, websites and company branding.

#4. Increase overseas reach with greater property exposure online.
Educate and inform international buyers on new listings by showing them what matters most. Drones highlight viewpoints and areas of a property that cannot be captured by using typical photography techniques. Providing footage that displays the properties surrounding environments from the air will certainly appeal to the ‘hard to reach’ and ‘time limited’ buyers in the UK and abroad.

#5. Combine Aerial footage with 360 virtual tours for the ultimate digital viewing experience.
This is similar to the above point, but different. With Virtual Reality and 360 video beginning to take off, many businesses are turning to this new and exciting technology to give potential customers a taste of the experience before visiting. Combining aerial views with 360 virtual tours can create the ultimate experience of viewing a property from all angles without being there. Give buyers the opportunity to purchase without the ‘need to view’. HERE are a few examples of our tours combined with drone shots.

#6. Using CAA qualified pilots might not be as expensive as you think.

New to market technology usually means high costs? Hiring CAA qualified drone pilots is probably not as expensive as you originally thought. Just like any industry, experience, certifications, insurance and equipment very much dictate the cost of services, however the only other alternative is extremely expensive manned aviation. Prices drastically vary across the UK; typical prices range from £150 – £500. Remember, you could be prosecuted if you are employing an unqualified operator, always check licences, certifications and drone specific insurance paperwork prior to instructing.

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