360 Virtual Tours

Interactive & High Resolution 360 Virtual Tours


Thinking about how your business can leverage technology to drive more customers through content and digital channels? Our fully custom 360 virtual tours could be a great way to start engaging more potential customers online.

Tours for Care Homes & Healthcare Providers

The decision to move to an assisted care community or nursing home is a major one for elderly people and their families. Residents will be leaving their beloved homes behind, and they’re looking for reassurance that your facility will be safe, comfortable, inviting and most importantly will meet all of their needs.

With a high resolution 360 virtual tour potential residents and their families can fully view your nursing home(s) or care community(s) from the comfort of their own home. Additionally, their families will be able to enjoy an immersive and interactive experience, knowing their loved ones will be in good hands at your facility. We work directly with carehome.co.uk to deliver our tailored services to care home owners across the UK.

Our tours are designed to really show off your facilities/amenities and will include recreational areas, dining rooms, cafeteria, entertainment, gardens, toilets and core bedroom types etc. Each facility tour is fully custom and branded, hosted free of charge for life and easily inserted onto websites with a simple code installation; we can provide technical assistance here if required. Always produced in high resolution, designed to fit any screen/smart device, VR enabled and allow full screen view options. For further benefits read our blog on virtual tours for care homes & healthcare providers HERE.

If you would like to incorporate aerial drone photography within your virtual tour this is something that we can package up to provide an affordable solution for both.

Tours for Estate Agents, Commercial Agents & Property Surveyors

Building value for clients is in our DNA, this is why we are now able to offer virtual tours as a standalone service or combined with our aerial property marketing solutions (drone shots). We can design engaging and interactive experiences with beautifully presented, custom branded 360 virtual tours for estate agents, commercial agents, property consultants & chartered surveyors. Our tours are fully customised, hosted free for life and easily installed on websites and advertising platforms with a simple code installation. Always produced in high resolution, designed to fit any screen/smart device, VR enabled and allow full screen view options.



Basic Viewing Instructions 

  • If you are viewing on a mobile device please double tap on the tour to get a high resolution full screen viewpoint
  • Navigate through the property tour by clicking on either the bubble portals or individual rooms at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap on ‘i’ hotspots to read details about specific areas or view drone aerial shots if applicable

Why use Cyclops?


Combine 360 virtual tours with drone photography to produce interactive and engaging online content


Our virtual tours are simple and easy to embed on all websites & platforms. Perfect for care & nursing homes, clinics, hospitals and property advertisements


Fully custom designs, appearance and business branding for our customers tours with functionality, titles, icons, navigation and location all being personalised


Suitable for both commercial & domestic property promotions whilst appealing to the 'time limited' and 'hard to reach' customers


Ideal for social & healthcare providers looking to show off facilities and drive more customers via digital marketing channels


High resolution with adaptive design means tours can be viewed on any device with free hosting for life

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