Aerial Drone Inspection Services

Aerial Drone Inspection Services for Buildings, Roofs, Structures, Towers & Turbines

Drones for property, commercial & industrial Inspections are becoming increasingly more popular due to the obvious benefits; reducing project risks and costs in comparison with traditional techniques such as cherry pickers, manned aviation or working at heights. Drones are extremely effective for several inspection applications on buildings, roofs, guttering, chimney stacks, telecommunication towers, wind turbines and electricity pylons. Using GPS stabilised technology, high definition cameras, various UAV sensors and industry specific software our Aerial Drone Inspection Services, Drone Building Inspection and Drone Roof Surveys can identify defects and abnormalities for instant analysis, increasing efficiency whilst preventing additional costs and risk.

Cyclops UAV are able to deliver close proximity aerial imaging, video and valuable data collection to greatly improve decision making for clients. Ideal for property dilapidations and condition surveys. Our software enables the generation of interactive analysis techniques from high definition images, the visualisation of structural details from numerous angles and the production of orthomosaics. We can assess, measure, edit and annotate collected information if required. Upon project completion, imagery and data is securely shared on the cloud for ongoing client review or download. We are happy to build our service around the clients needs to achieve on the desired outcome.

All of our drone Inspection services and drone roof surveys are non-intrusive ensuring a safe, quick and cost effective method of evaluating properties or structures. Combinations of close proximity imagery and video can be provided at the clients discretion (HD/4K).

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  • Commercial, industrial and domestic asset inspections
  • Drone Building Inspection – dilapidations & condition surveys/analysis
  • Aerial Drone Inspection – Roof surveys, chimney inspections, guttering evaluations etc.
  • Drone Roof Surveys for pre-solar panel installation on both commercial & domestic properties
  • Close proximity wind turbine inspections
  • Telecommunications inspections for radio masts & towers
  • Close proximity electricity pylon inspections
  • Inspections of infrastructure for Utilities & Rail

Aerial Inspection Services using UAV’s


Using real-time imagery streamed to the ground, your engineer, surveyor or in-house team can direct the inspection to investigate any potential defects on structures while the UAV is in the air allowing focused & data driven results


Reduce manpower requirements and unforeseen costs with the likes of access towers, cherry pickers and scaffolding simply not necessary


Significant reduction in downtime for company operations (if any at all)


Accessing previously inaccessible areas around buildings & structures


Clients can securely access collected data remotely directly from the cloud via Cyclops for decisive analysis & technical reporting. This data can then be shared will colleagues across the world in real-time


Can typically be deployed within 24 hours minimising your ongoing risk and potential costs

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