'How it Works' Info-graphic Workflow

Cyclops UAV – ‘How It Works’ Workflow

The below workflow diagram exhibits the strict planning procedures and key outputs used to share data with clients. This is designed to encourage the safety of all colleagues, assets and the general public.

Cyclops UAV always encourage flexible working, as a result our integrated workflow will very much depend on the type of work being conducted and the desired outcome. Our pilots will always use the same planning, risk management and equipment procedures whatever the job, however the complexity of the work being conducted determines the time taken to complete this.

A key example of a much simpler workflow would be our Aerial Property Marketing Solutions. As on the majority of occasions there will be less risk involved, (much less than an industrial inspection or construction site) we can carry out the proposed work at shorter notice depending on the location of work and weather conditions.

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Cyclops UAV 'how it works' workflow diagram

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