Technology & Software

Technology & Software

Cyclops operates on a mobile basis, across the UK, meaning we have the equipment and capability to conduct, collate & produce critical data in the field for our clients depending on the project complexity. We use high performance laptops which allow the fast processing of information and model generation with 4K quality screens for data demonstrations. We further utilise high definition/4K quality cameras with brushless gimbal for smooth, high quality data collection.

Our UAV’s have vision positioning GPS stabilised technology allowing for both indoor and outdoor flight with the highest precision guaranteed. Live, wireless video transmission provides in-flight control & visual observations.

Cyclops dynamic risk management platform through SGS is used for pre-flight planning before every project. This enables us to identify and quantify specific risks in our working environments and make decisions about how to mitigate them further to improve overall health & safety processes.

Clients can remotely and securely access images, video and all categories of data via the cloud after project completion. Using cloud technology allows Cyclops to easily collaborate with customers and offer a value added solution for ongoing asset management.

Our software combined with UAV technology enables the generation of advanced orthomosaics, point clouds, 3D models, digital surface models (DSM), photogrammetry (precise measurements from images) & more. The high accuracy and quality of the data created can significantly reduce risk, empower informed decision making and reduce cost through increased efficiency.

Our Environmentally friendly equipment includes the likes of low power output, battery powered UAV and efficient charging to reduce the impact on surrounding environments.

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